Flexitank Collapsible Water Containers

Flexitank Collapsible Water Containers are guaranteed waterproof and safe for outdoor and indoor use. The unparalleled quality and workmanship of the original Flexitank water barrels you are assured of a high quality product.

No more lugging with mostly large, bulky water containers and often heavy rain barrels. In minutes you put the Flexitank together and after your breeding season is the Flexitank easily folded into a small parcel. This product is suitable for roof gardens and gardening enthusiasts robbery.

Handy lightweight foldable water barrels in 4 formats:

100L 43cm (Diameter) x 75cm (Height)
225L 64cm (Diameter) x 81cm (Height)
400L 68cm (Diameter) x 111cm (Height)
750L 90cm (Diameter) x 117cm (Height)


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All water tanks are supplied with a tap at the bottom of the water tank.